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Crystals and gemstones are beings that have been here soooooo long it's hard to fathom.

Since the beginning of man we have been decorating our bodies with them, creating alters with and around them, idolizing them. Somehow when we found a stone, we just knew it was special.

Here we are so many years later doing just the very same thing, different values, different intentions, but still the same thing.  Cute huh.   

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Amazonite pendantAmazonite pendant
Amethyst pendantAmethyst pendant
Artistic JasperArtistic Jasper
Black Stone pendantBlack Stone pendant
Bronzite PendantBronzite Pendant
Carnelian Donut PendantCarnelian Donut Pendant
Carnelian PendantCarnelian Pendant
Chrysacolla PendantChrysacolla Pendant
Chrysacolla Swirl PendantChrysacolla Swirl Pendant
Dotted Conglomerate PendantDotted Conglomerate Pendant
Fire Agate Heart PendantFire Agate Heart Pendant
fire agate pendantfire agate pendant
Jasper PendantJasper Pendant
Lapis Pendant SwirlLapis Pendant Swirl
Plain amethystPlain amethyst
porcelain jasper swirlporcelain jasper swirl
Rainforest JasperRainforest Jasper
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You can find more of my Gemstone pendants at:  
You will find added selections of Healing Jewelry with an explanation of Healing Properties for each piece. I look forward to seeing you there!
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